Coaching to Capital—a coaching program packed with experts and resources committed to your success.

Business owners seek capital in various forms: savings, cashflow, equity, and debt. Coaching to Capital is a program tailored for business owners seeking capital to grow their business. We help business owners understand the economic engine of their business and teach the steps needed to become loan ready.
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Coaching to Capital Program Details

Intake Meeting

What are your business goals and challenges? You will get paired with and introduced to a coach, your trusted business advisor throughout the program. This introduction will lay out the expectations for the program and prepare you for your upcoming needs assessment.

Needs Assessment

How is your business performing against key benchmarks? You and your coach will complete a needs assessment identifying key areas in your business you and your coach will prioritize and get to work on.

Business Growth Plan

How can I improve my business plan for capital and growth? From the needs assessment, your coach will provide you with an action plan—clear tasks you will get to work on.

Ongoing Coaching

Will I be doing this all on my own? No! That is the beauty of this program. Your coach will connect you with the right resources for each task. That might be one-on-one training with other coaches or relevant resources for you to put to use in your business.

Who is Coaching to Capital for?
If you're interested in applying, you've checked these boxes:
Established business (not a pre-revenue start-up)
Minimum One year of historical revenue
Identify a Growth Opportunity
Coachable and Prepared to Work
Who is eligible for Coaching to Capital?
This program requires you to meet certain criteria:
$50,000 or more in annual revenue
Accounting software—or, willingness to invest in and utilize
Entrepreneurial drive to grow a sustainable business
Desire to impact your community
Coaching to Capital
Are you prepared for growth?
Participating in Coaching to Capital is by invitation and by selecting an exclusive group of applicants we believe qualify and will experience business growth resulting from the program. If you believe this program is for you, click the button to apply! We follow up with every applicant regardless of whether you are selected for the program. Our goal is to connect you with the best tools for your business.
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Is Coaching to Capital for me?

This program is not for everyone. There will be work to do. Instead of working "in" your business, the aim of the program is to get you working "on" your business. This means there is work to be done—and, you're prepared to do it.

Coaching to Capital is right for me!

If you're excited that this program sounds like you and what your business needs, we are excited too! The next step it to apply. The program is exclusive and we screen every application. You can apply here!

What happens after I apply?

After you apply, you will be contacted by one of our coaches. They will begin reviewing your application and communicate your fit for the program. Once approved, you're in! From there, your coach will share next steps to started.