A Lean Canvas for Lean Startups

Lean Canvas helps you deconstruct your business idea into its key assumptions. The Lean Canvas is a variation of the Business Model Canvas. The creator of the Lean Canvas wanted something that was hyper focused on the mindset of a "Lean" startup entreprenuer/business. A lean business model focuses on improving processes to eliminate waste while optimizing value to the customer.

Lean Canvas

Learn about each block in the lean canvas. Hover over a block and answer the trigger questions to help you think through your startup model.

List your top 1-3 problems.

Existing Alternatives

List how these problems are solved today.

Make problems specific

Envision the needs of early adopters

Ask 5 layers of "Why?" like a child would

Outline a possible solution for each problem.

Stay focused to top problems

Share the feature and/or benefit to the solution

Key Metrics
List the key numbers that tell you how your business is doing.

Focus on what creates success

Start with your minimum success criteria

Unique Value Proposition

Single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth paying attention.

High Level Concept

List your X for Y analogy (e.g. YouTube = Flickr for videos).

Gets the customers attention

Highlights differentiation

The intersection of your top problem and solution

Be specific

Avoid buzz words

Unfair Advantage
Something that cannot easily be bought or copied.

Competitive advantage

Barriers to entry

List you path to customer (inbound or outbound).

Start with outbound

Identify scaleable channels

Customer Segments
Customer segments are groups of people or organizations you are creating value for with one or more of your value propositions.

Early Adopters

List all the characteristics of your ideal customers.

Start with customers

Do not define too broadley

Cost Structure
List your fixed and variable costs.

Estimate your burn rate or runway for launching

Revenue Streams
List your sources of revenue.

Define pricing model

Understand monetizable problems

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Lean Canvas
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