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Business Plan
"Tell me about your business." This seems too simple, right? This is the most common thing our lenders inquire about, and some the most unprepared responses we hear from business owners. A great response is a well-prepared Business Plan. Do you have a Business Plan? Does it include financial statements? If you do not have a business plan, you can start by exploring a Business Model or Lean Canvas.
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Credit Score
A lot of interested business owners ask, "Is there a minimum credit score to get approved?" It's not that black and white. For traditional lenders, a minimum credit score can be 700+, varying a lot based on the lender's risk tolerance and lending criteria. For CDFI's like Pathway, the minimum credit score requirements can be much lower. For this opportunity, we're aiming for 600. We are more focused on the overall financial picture and your impact opportunity.
Tax Returns
Everyone loves taxes! Right? We know, even the word tax can bring on some stress as business owners. The reality is, a tax return is an easy way for a lender to get a good picture of your business and how much money you make through it. Our lenders will want to see two completed tax returns (both business and personal). So, if you have not filed for 2022 yet, you will need 2021 and 2020 returns.

NSBRF Next Steps
What happens next?
Are you prepared with everything to begin the application process? When you have your documents ready (e.g., tax returns), we will share your information with the specific lender you'll be working with who will walk you step-by-step through the application process.