What is an SBA Microloan and what does it do for you?

Posted by Kathy Morrison
Managing Director of Business Advisory Services

The purpose is to provide Business loans up to $50,000 for working capital, equipment, or supplies.

The mission is to integrate micro-level financing with training and technical assistance (TA). TA refers to the education and guidance provided to entrepreneurs to help them grow their business.

The objective is to provide business-based training to support business owners’ success and help navigate their challenges. We want to help you reach your goals. Pathway calls TA Business Advisory Services.

  • Includes assistance in management, business counseling and marketing
  • Counseling may include giving advice, guidance or instruction tailored to your specific business
  • Topics include how to start, manage, market and/or operate a small business
  • The type of assistance provided depends on several factors such as the growth stage, it’s scale and size, capital requirements, industry and geography

Pathway’s Business Advisory Services (TA) offers to entrepreneurs:

  • Develop stronger businesses to increase profitability
  • Support business owners through sharing information and expertise on finance, strategic planning, management skills and marketing
  • Provide consulting and training to increase knowledge on successful business operations
  • Identify the root issues of financial and operational problems and develop a plan to resolve issues
  • Analyze historical data to help develop monthly forecasts that lays plans for a successful future
  • Serve in many roles such as Influencers, Catalysts for Change, Problem Solvers, Repository of Best Practices, and Expertise in Business Development
  • Share decades of experience and best business practices to assist businesses to succeed

Business Advisory Services Skill Sets:

  • Financial analysis including cash flow forecast, budgeting, debt management/restructuring and financial planning
  • Sales planning and marketing
  • Cost and data analysis
  • Management and operational knowledge of all businesses including early stage/startups with sound growth analysis

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